Various Artists - (We've Got) Fiends in Low Places: Heavy Vibes Internationale

by Warwick Stubbs Rating:7 Release Date:2015-01-26

Meadows gets this compilation from Eolian Empire going with strong metalcore that fuses some slow but heavy chugging through the song. Raspy vocals see it through a solid but unremarkable three and a half minutes.

‘Mass Krusader’ brings in the grinding heavy rock riffage moments which devolve into chaotic noise. Arabot reminds me a little too much of Marilyn Manson. With ridiculous lyrics like “I came straight in her mouth/ …She stood back up, spat it right back in my face” out in the open without any music in the background just to make sure you heard what the vocalist was saying, I don’t hold out much hope for the rest of Arobrot’s music.

On 'Clean Cleaner', you could swear Throat were trying to mask a David Bowie influence to start with, but that’s all good because the rest of the track veers between noisy punk and heavy riffage with vocal snarls in between. Much of the rest of the album is the compilation is the same, but within that sameness is enough variety from band to band that the casual listener will always be able to find something they like as well as something they dislike.

Along with the metalcore, noise-rock, doom, sludge, and any other form of heavy rock and metal that broods away in the underground. Bastard of the Skies bring their clear heavy rock riffage to my pleased ears, while The Great Sabatini fool the listener with a nice electronic vocal intro that gives way to pounding sludge within seconds and angry vocals barely ever letting up – moments of punk throw vocal-spats at the listener along the way.

Particularly notable is 'Frat Poison' by Elephant Rifle, which has a simple rock riff that punctuates its drive with punkish vocals. 'Rabbits' by Dead follows this up with a low Soundgarden-ish guitar sound and much heavy sparseness. Get it now? Huge range within closed gates.

The Eolian Empire website states this is: “15 exclusive tracks […] from champions of the underground in North and South America, Europe, Australia, and Japan,” which to me makes it a great sampler and a compilation fans of all things metal and hardcore won’t be disappointed with.

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