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Troyka - Ornithophobia

by Diana Aqra Rating:10 Release Date:2015-01-26

No Fear, Just Flying

So, you’re afraid of birds, huh? That’s what Troyka may want you to think when hearing about this album, but it’s actually a portal into wild freedom. 

Musically, this album is a dangerously yet tightly woven synthesis of diverse sounds; drum and bass, electric noise, synths, keys and guitar. Yet it is not afraid to take a deep plunge, change genre quickly, and intermittently strike the essential cords of soft-rock, blues, and psychedelic trip-hop all in one song. I guess that’s jazz. 

If you spread your wings, you can enjoy the momentum of bizarre melodies laid snugly over swift drum design. It builds and it breaks from solid sounds to airy openness, characterizing the transformation from fearful to carefree, from oddness to perfection, the way a bird clumsily builds into a solid speed, takes a planned course, then, at an unseen moment, plunges to a new depth, unknown.

If you are looking for something different, this is definitely for you. An artistically cyphered mélange of rock and jazz, discordant and beautifull; it will help you let go of your fear anything and turn it into flying.

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