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Hanne Kolstø - Forever Maybe

by Brian Lange. Rating:7 Release Date:2015-01-23

Hailing from Kabelvåg, Norway, Hanne Kolstø has been making music since 2009. Forever Maybe is her fourth LP in as many years, and embodies a hybrid of The Knife and My Brightest Diamond. What you get is something that feels mellow and positive while still making you want to sway your body and think about love. 

Genres are things that can get convoluted and overanalyzed. What will generally be assumed to be pop music really feels more ‘genre-less’ than anything.

Here, synths and loops are quite heavily utilized, though this is not an electronic record. It’s not quite pop either, though, at least not in the sense that someone like Taylor Swift is. There’s a certain upbeat optimism but with a not-so-subtle dark undertone. She is from Norway, what do you expect? And yes, the album is in English.

With a handful of tour dates already on the books for early 2015 and a slough of past dates, Hanne is no stranger to playing live and no music novice. Her partner in crime is Øyvind Røsrud Gundersen, who has been playing lovely melodies at her side since 2011. 

With an angelic voice and an adorable face to match, Hanne is the weird girl down the street that you wish you could be best friends with, but are too intimidated by her innocent yet steadfast candor. The girl that goes to art galleries alone and you keep wondering if she has a boyfriend. The girl who carries around markers with her. The girl who makes music with children’s toys just for fun, surpassing the musical ability of 99 per cent of the world. 

This is Hanne. Pure music. Good for the soul. 

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