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Filter Distortion - Transition

by Jeff Penczak Rating:8.5 Release Date:2015-01-12

This Liverpudlian trio's debut may wear their musical influences firmly on their sleeves, but that doesn’t mean their dark dancefloor roots won’t entertain today’s younger generation who never knew the ecstatic enchantment those seminal Depeche Mode albums brought to the masses. Swirling synths, deep Gothic vocals, incessant melodies that won’t leave your head… It all adds up to a winner that will please both the current electronic scenesters and all you 'I Love the 80s' fanatics.

‘Frequency Modulation’ is an obvious highlight, with its robotic, spoken-word lyric perfectly timed to the bouncy backbeat – Vince Clarke would be proud. The band also make excellent use of the traditional guitar/bass/drum line-up to add an warm element of humanity to the occasionally antiseptic and overly slick sound. Any doubts are quickly vanished once the delectable Cheryl Anna sashays into the room and grabs the mic on ‘Cameras in the Dark’, the debut single that got us all excited last summer.

Transition shows signs of hard work, excellent arrangements, tight musicianship, and just the right mix of homage and daring adventure to bridge a generation of dancefloor enthusiasts. Just slip on ‘Lost Boys’, ‘Black and White’, or ‘Resonator Express‘, crank up the stereo, and be careful not to knock over the furniture on that makeshift dancefloor in your living room. Party time is here again and Filter Distortion are pressing all the right buttons.

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No-one will admit to being an "I love the 80s fanatic" ! I think they've all vacated the make-up room now. Might have a listen. Sounds alright.

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