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Ty Segall - Mr. Face

by Jim Cunnar Rating:8.5 Release Date:2015-01-13

Lo-fi king of the beach Ty Segall is one prolific dude. His musical output is starting to approach that of early Ryan Adams, putting out copious amounts of material over the last few years through various channels. Sometimes this carpet-bombing approach can lead to some misses. Fortunately, the quality remains high. 

Mr. Face is his first release of 2015, a four-song EP on Famous Class. According to his publicist, the physical version is pressed on translucent red and blue colored vinyl, and comes with 3-D glasses making it "the world's first playable pair of 3D glasses". This by itself is a good reason to grab some vinyl. The songs themselves make it a must-purchase. 

Segall has an obvious love for 60s and 70s psych/prog-rock. What makes him special is his take on that era. 'Cirlces' rocks a flute to the point where it would have been a better challenge to Metallica for the Best Hard Rock Grammy in 1988 than Jethro Tull. 'The Picture' is a lo-fi gem, with Ty's soft lyrics lilting over gentle guitar strums, building beautifully towards a satisfying climax.  

The world has changed, and has become much more single-oriented, a move which I struggle with. I think the four-song EP is a perfect bridge, giving those of us who still like full length four-plus-minute albums a longer listen, yet allowing the ADD generation to move on to something new before they forget what band they are listening to.  

Maybe the 3D glasses will help the yungins stay focused enough to check out Ty's most excellent 2014 double-album Manipulator. If not, he can just continue to release these nice little four-song nuggets.  

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