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California X - Nights in the Dark

by Brian Lange. Rating:7 Release Date:2014-01-12

California X is certainly a blast from the past for fans of Generation X. Sounding reminiscent of Weezer, Sonic Youth, Local H, Nada Surf and others, California X’s sophomore album delivers tunes suited for mid-90s lazy West Coast days.

California X combine elements of an upbeat rock, grunge, and alternative into one package. With distorted guitars and a shoegaze-esque lead singer sending decibels of distraught over the mike, California X seem to transcend the stereotype of how stale retro music has to be. 

This band appreciates the recipe for success for a good alt-rock song, playing catchy guitar riffs and formulaic drum beats, often letting the music speak for itself and sometimes allowing entirely instrumental tracks take control. This works surprisingly well, giving listeners the chance to get lost in a music trance. That said, lead-singer and songwriter Lemmy Gurtowsky shows skill in detailing the turmoil and troubles of everyday life in a way that's easy to relate to. 

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