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Klozapin - Klozapin

by Justin Pearson Rating:7 Release Date:2015-01-04

An almost palpable drug-like haze drenches the self-titled debut album from Klozapin. The spaced-out atmospherics hang in the air, providing a sort of bi-polar backdrop for dizzy songs that incorporate psych-rock and noise-rock alongside a warm pop feel. 

Their band name seems to be a derivative of the drug Clozapine, used to treat schizophrenia. Taking this into consideration, it's clear there's a parallel with their sound. It's hard not to admire this band's unwillingness to stick to one specific genre, especially on a debut album where first impressions tend to be influenced by the need to pin down a distinct style.  

This album effortlessly blends genres while still giving voice to an originalilty that can sometimes be lacking with new artists. It's a sort of melting-pot of influences that bubbles over with exuberance, and that's what's important here: the passion spilling forth. It can be most felt on 'White Noise', which is all drums and swirling guitar, making for a satisfying, dizzy listen.

Throughout, the focus is mostly on melody and instrumentation rather than lyrics (most are hard to pick out clearly anyway). 'Perception' is full of summer and head-trip psychedelics, and that seems to be enough even without the content about perceiving things 'differently'.

On 'Hivemind', the power lies in its relaxed state. It swims in a current that carries vibrations of electricity, yet it's not quite strong enough to zap you; it buzzes softly with its touch instead.

'Milk W/ Ice' feels rooted in wooziness, with warped vocals that ride a wave of melody backed by distorted guitar. The juxtaposition is similar to the effect of being drunk and swimming in a choppy ocean.

While Klozapin may not exactly show an utter mastery of their craft just yet, they certainly show promise. After experiencing their debut album, I would argue that's an undeniable fact.

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