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Lubomyr Melnyk - Evertina

by Brian Lange. Rating:6 Release Date:2014-12-15

Ukranian born Lubomyr Melnyk has an appearance contradictory to the sounds he makes. This mean, metal-looking guy with a bit of the crazy in his eye is a classical pianist who creates mostly piano-based works. He is an incredibly prolific composer, creating upwards of 90 works since the mid-1970s. 

It goes without saying that this music is not for everyone. It’s contemporary classical music, but still simply classical. No weird moments, no underlying darkness, no electronic interludes. Classical piano. 

This could very well be three pieces from days of the Renaissance, as the music is quite soothing and beautiful. Where it lacks is in its own unique voice. There is a certain innocence on the tracks on this three-track EP, at times mimicking that of a child’s toy music box.

If one happened to be dining at a fancy restaurant, one might hear this sort of music coming from the live pianist. That is not to discredit the merits of this type of music, or Melnyk’s efforts, but you won’t get the impression you might get from Edvard Grieg or Ludwig Van. 

Classical music tends to be one of those things most people will love or hate. While classical music certainly has its time and place, this does leave something to be desired. 

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