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Los Campesinos! - A Los Campesinos! Christmas

by Jim Harris Rating:8.5 Release Date:2014-12-12

This indie-pop band do it fine. This is a clever, interesting band who write poppy, smart songs, and this six song EP is a pleasant holiday addition to their releases.

The geeky, edgy male vocals that define their sound are nicely tempered and downplayed on such a song as 'The Holly & the Ivy', a joyous, appropriately somber little tune, a favorite on this slice of indie Xmas music. In fact, most of the songs are a bit more serious and a tad more somber than most of their music, and it works very well, as on 'The Trains Don't Run (It's Christmas Day)' as well as last track, 'Lonely This Christmas', which is a cover of Mud's classic 1974 Christmas song.

If you are partial to rock groups singing Christmas songs, A Los Campesinos! Christmas is a delightful addition to play while decorating the Christmas twee.

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