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Movie Star Junkies - Evil Moods

by Rob Taylor Rating:6.5 Release Date:2014-12-22

Evil Moods by Italian group Movie Star Junkies is post-punk devolution inspired (apparently) by The Birthday Party and The Gun Club, groups that incorporated harsh punk with rolling blues. The reference is slim rather than palpable. Movie Star Junkies seem more likely inspired by cow-punk Americana bands like The Gourds, or even god-fearing gospel punkers 16 Horsepower, but there are no uncanny resemblances to any of the above groups. 

The funkiness, and the rawness of the garage sound are refreshing, but the band are let down by a lack of real abandon, and the absence of any pulse raising compositions. Nothing gets airborne. The template works perfectly well as good pub-rock, and I'd reckon they'd be good in a live setting.

I don't wish to undersell their hard work. I can imagine they could produce something much better by incorporating more sleaze and drive, just like their favoured predecessors.

There are some pictures depicting band-members on their Facebook page. One shows a bear-like man with a bad comb-over sucking on the end of a fat cigar. The other shows the same band member touching up a fellow band member on the thigh, while the potential complainant is draped in a realistic looking racoon carcass.

By combining their subversions, and cultivating a weird if discomforting image, they signal their punk credentials. Its time to get tough on their compositions.

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