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Mogwai - Music Industry 3 Fitness Industry 1 - EP

by Brian Lange. Rating:8 Release Date:2014-12-01

Mogwai EPs are always a special treat for fans of the band, due to the fact that the tracks are normally overwhelmingly different from their parent record. On this six-track EP, you will find three completely new tracks, and three remixes of songs from Rave Tapes, which was released back in January. 

When first playing Music Industry 3. Fitness Industry 1., you will be introduced to the track 'Teenage Exorcists', which may take you aback as it's quite a departure from the more electronic-focused Rave Tapes. With catchy guitar riffs and an appropriately filled in drum-beat to boot, it sounds a bit more like a shoegazing band with an indie flair. Irrespective of this categorization, it is good and manages to still sound like Mogwai.

After this first track, the rest of the album jumps right into more of a typical Mogwa sound. Both 'History Day' and 'HMP Shaun William Ryder' are instrumental and mellow tracks, characteristic of the Mogwai. The band focus on more of an analog sound, heavy on the use of rock instruments like guitars, drums, piano and bass. Think if Les Revenants and Mr Beast had a child together. 

The second half of the album consists of three remixes of tracks from Rave Tapes. 'Re-Remurdered' sounds very little like the original, but provides a dark, digital descent into madness. There’s a departure from the first three tracks which harks back to the sound of Rave Tapes. 

'No Medicine for Regret' and 'The Lord is Out of Control' are arguably two of the better and more epic tracks off Rave Tapes, and the remixes are no exception. These remixes pull back and provide listeners with stripped-down and minimalistic versions of the album songs. What at first sounds unfamiliar will send chills down your spine when you hear the riff from 'No Medicine...' chime eerily over a deep and muted beat which haunts the spaces in your room. This intensifies into a chaotic cluster of noise.

The EP concludes appropriately with 'The Lord is Out of Control', which begins with a lone piano, playing the notes from the original track. It will make you feel melancholy and peaceful at once. When all feels helpless, you know that you are still alive and breathing. 

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