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Neleonard - Agosto

by Jeff Penczak Rating:8.5 Release Date:2014-10-24

This is the first 10in mini-LP in Elefant’s New Adventures in Pop series, which already makes it a collectable hottie. But the sounds emanating from this wonderful slab of vinyl clinch the deal: co-ed vocals/harmonies to swoon to, jangly crystalline Felt-like guitar sprinkles, and sprightly rhythmic shuffling to keep us on our toes.

The group has swelled to a sextet, so there’s plenty of room for individual spotlights, such as the melodic-but-not-wanky guitar solo on ‘Por Pequeo Que Seas’ and the strings that sneak into the title track. The album is perfectly calibrated to build on its summer-infused title with light fluffy sounds oozing out of every track!

The folky sway to ‘Capital’ remind me of Spanish superstar Jeanette’s first group, Pic-Nic back in the 60s, and there’s a clever tip of the dome to their (almost) namesake, Mr L Cohen on the tender, flamenco-inspired ‘Sólo Por Un Momento’. Another fine introduction to the sounds of Spanish pop from the good folks over at Elefant. And though it may help if you speak or understand Spanish in order to fully enjoy the lyrics, it's not mandatory - the emotion in their voices alone speaks volumes.

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