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Girlpool - Girlpool ep

by Jeff Penczak Rating:1 Release Date:2014-11-17

I’m gonna assume these two teenagers from El Lay weren’t born when the Queens of Heavy Metal were wreaking havoc, but I’m wondering if anyone else has spotted the seemingly obvious inference to those Lovely London Ladies? Just saying. But nomenclature aside, these DIY punks have stripped their sound down beyond minimalistic basics and opted to generate their manicured noise with just a guitar and bass. I mean, even Suicide had a keyboard to fill in the blank spaces. 

Puerile lyrics laced with shock-baiting four-letter words (‘Blah Blah Blah’), unfinished ideas (the 37-second ‘Love Spell’), maniacal screeching (‘Jane’)… Ugh! Even their voices are a little flat and Valley Girlish, which wasn’t even funny when Zappa was satirizing that sorry subculture of spoiled brats with too much time and not enough smarts.

Sorry, but this just sounds like a couple of kids got a guitar and bass for Christmas and decided to make some noise and shout, squeal, and whine inane, extemporaneous words (I hesitate to honor them with the term 'lyrics'), all in hope of upping their Twitter hit counts. Aren’t parents watching their kids anymore? Take some advice from Bobby Vee and come back when you grow up, girls. This is a put-on, right?

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Girlpool - Girlpool ep - Albums - Reviews - Soundblab
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