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The Talks - Commoners, Peers, Drunks and Thieves

by Jeff Penczak Rating:7 Release Date:2014-11-24

Call me a clueless twit ("OK, You’re a clueless twit”), but to be honest I thought the ska scene went the way of baggy trousers with the 15th-odd Madness greatest hits repackaging. Thankfully, Hull’s Talks are proving me dead wrong, and that’s dead good. The title of their third long-player shows them to be equal-opportunity offenders (on par with The Rumour’s Frogs, Sprouts, Clogs, and Krauts) – or just self-defecating, er, deprecating punkers with short hair, straight-leg trousers and a love of all things reggae.

Or maybe that’s just a roll call of their fan base. No bother. What is important is the reverence and energy that spills out of these 11 dancefloor scorchers, although I wish they left the annoying rapping (‘Ceasefire’, ‘Hacks’, ‘Sam’) in the carpark, and the sequencing could use a spliffing-up – ending on the meandering downer ‘Alright With Me’ is not the best way to leave ‘em screaming for more.

Still, there’re fun, sax-driven sing-alongs like ‘Radio’, swirling organ and spacey synth effects on ‘Tear Us Apart’, and a rousing call to ‘Light Up’ that will raise your blood pressure a few notches and sweat off a few excess pounds you didn’t need anyway.

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