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Belle Ghoul - Rabbit's Moon & Doomsday

by Jeff Penczak Rating:6.5 Release Date:2014-11-10

Not the jolliest title I’ve heard all year, but in keeping with their Halloweenish persona, Chris Tait and Jesse Smith have found a way to make gothic electro fun again. Fresh on from their teaser EP we were lukewarm about last month, this 10in mini-LP opens with the original 'Lakes of Fire' (remixed on the EP) and plays to their strengths: catchy beats, funky rhythms, eclectic synth swashes designed to wear out your shoe leather on the dancefloor. Unfortunately, 'TimePieces' is pretty generic pop and 'Momentum' isn’t – it loses whatever excitement the album suggested in a moody, rather dull electronic instrumental.

'Winter’s Gone' is another moody, Ultravoxy ballad that will sound even better if you put it on during the first snowfall. We still love thw spiffy, Kinksy single 'Around for the Weekend'. The rest is quieter than I would have expected based on both Elefant’s pedigree and the finger-snapping single and lead track.

And for the record, Jesse’s hardly on here except for a few backing vocal utterances on a couple of tracks – this is strictly Tait’s show and it’s ultimately a pleasant, introspective diversion for a wintry afternoon. I just wish it delivered more of what it promised at the onset. Maybe I should’ve paid more attention to that title after all.

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