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1000 Names - Migration Pads

by Brian Lange. Rating:5 Release Date:2014-11-10

Drum loops and simple synth keys. Migration Pads by 1000 Names feels formulaic with infinite pre-sets and endless patterns, but is unique in its style. Members Casio Blaster and 99 Mistakes have been making music and playing clubs since the late 90s, calling their style 'eklekto hip-hop'.

The simplistic beats definitely create a fun atmosphere for listening, sometimes harking back to early Daft Punk or 90s Aphex Twin, but it remains their own sound. Not quite club music, not mellow ambient, not video game soundtrack, not poppy, but something in between or completely outside of those genres. Their process seems to involve a lot of sampling and regurgitation of familiar sounds and breaks, but where is the line across which sampling is too verbatim and there is not much of a spin on the sound?

While the beats are well arranged to create a minimalistic sound you can bob your head to, it sometimes comes off as a bit too basic and repetitive, and doesn’t leave much room for textured spaces, layers of sound that create a dimensional space. Instead, what's presented can come off a bit like a couple keyboards playing looped demos and the result is flat.

1000 Names have a way to go before they achieve an electronic sound that will be revered by admirers inside and outside the genre. 

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