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King Capisce - The Future Cannot Be Born Yet It Is Waiting for the Past to Die

by Rich Morris Rating:6 Release Date:2014-11-10

Mixing post-rock dynamics with jazzy sax, King Capisce are like a collaboration between Mogwai and Polar Bear (something which should happen!) It’s a good sound and they’ve realised it well, but there isn’t a lot of variation on this album and once the novelty of hearing a sax shronk over tumbling, tricksy drums and tight-riffing guitars wears off, it’s hard not to notice that.

That said, the Sheffield quintet do just enough to stop things becoming too repetitive. Sometimes they introduce more of a metal vibe, as on the furiously rocking ‘Awake’, while final number ‘St Jude’ starts as a beautiful piece of early hours ambient music, the lonesome sax melody drifting over organ and feedback which gradually builds and fades, creating drama and fascination out of minimal components. It then evolves into the album’s standout moment, simultaneously its funkiest and most chilled.

However, King Capisce definitely has the potential to push their sound into unusual areas more consistently, something which makes this album’s title a little ironic. All the post-rock tropes are present and correct here, unfortunately making this a rather pedestrian listen occasionally, but if you like your post-rock with a little twist than this record is definitely one to check out. 

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