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Oozing Wound - Earth Suck

by D R Pautsch Rating:7 Release Date:2014-10-30

Ever since Spinal Tap, rock bands have trod the careful line of pretention. The fear of being lampooned for taking themselves too seriously and becoming an object of ridicule has loomed over most hard-rock or metal bands since that seminal film. Indeed, heavy metal is an object of ridicule for many. 

When grunge first reared its head it was a joyous counterpoint to the long-haired metal of the 1980s. Its plaid shirts and non-mulleted band members were an entry point for many that felt that the hair metal reign of the 80s left them cold or laughing. After this many bands came and claimed a level of seriousness in metal that bordered on the ridiculous. Lyrically, they trod the line between seriousness and self-parody, sometimes falling the wrong side. Metal reinvented itself during the years since to lesser or greater effect and the new metal bands were a good example of those trying something new but succumbing to the same old issues of parody, seriousness and ridicule. 

With all this in mind you would have to be a brave band to call yourself Oozing Wound, the definition of a name for a parody metal band. You would have to be completely bonkers to then call your album Earth Suck and have tracks on it called Going Through the Motions Til I Die or Hippie Speedball. You would then be asking for complete ridicule to claim that you were not thrash metal when to the non-metal aficionado you are exactly that. 

You would have to have a huge sense of humour to get away with it wouldn’t you? Or you would have to have a damned good album. Oozing Wound have, fortunately for them, got both with their second offering. A good album, a supreme sense of humour, and perhaps an ability to ride over those concerns.

Built upon the founding principles of solos, drum beats that sound like they belong alongside war machinery, and squealing feedback, this is an album of noise, excitement and more than a little melody. The vocal may be the kind of metal growl that many cannot endure but it delivers its message in short bursts amid the throbbing and pumping rhythm section. The percussive and concussive noise is enough to make you want to nod along despite your preconceptions. 

It doesn’t last long - seven tracks and 35 minutes it not exactly a Metallica-length album.  However, it draws you in and brings you back. You almost forget the name and enjoy the music.  They get away with it, just. Sure it could have a bit more variety in the seven tracks. But there is enough here to earmark this band as one to watch.

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