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Ought - Once More With Feeling ep

by Jim Harris Rating:8 Release Date:2014-10-28

Ought’s Once More with Feeling… is a nice EP follow up to their strong first album, More Than Any Other Day, released earlier this yearThis EP sheds some of the slow-building brilliance of many of the tracks on their long-player, but Once More with Feeling… still resonates with the same garage-meets-art mentality that breathed fresh air into the alternative cosmos this year.

While only four songs long, you still get over 23 minutes more of Ought and that’s a good thing.  The first track, ‘Pill’, starts out sounding like The National and, while this was a bit worrisome at first, it builds into a brilliantly grungy, edgy, rhythmic mess that further defines their sound. The next track, ‘New Calm Pt. 2’, rocks along ragged and jagged and manic and could have fit easily on More Than Any Other Day. 

Lest you forget their artsy intentions, ‘New Calm Pt. 3’ clocks in as the third track and is mostly spoken words with odd, discordant, minimal guitar plucks and pings which don’t really go anywhere. ‘Waiting’ is the last song and is solid rocker - nothing for Ought to be embarrassed by.

Once More with Feeling… is a solid EP that gives this young band some more songs to play in concert until we get their next long-player. Which we should all be anxiously awaiting for.

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