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The Coral - The Curse of Love

by Nse Ette Rating:8 Release Date:2014-10-20

The Curse of Love was recorded by The Coral between 2005's The Invisible Invasion and 2007's Roots & Echoes on a Tascam eight-track recorder. With the band currently on hiatus, this is being released as a stop-gap album, sort of.

Not that it is a bad album, mind. It's laden with psychedelic, folky songs including a pair of instrumentals, the Twilight Zone-like ‘The Second Self’ and ‘Nine Times the Colour Red’, the latter essentially a reworking of the former. It's a rather melancholic atmospheric experience with woozy effects and moping vocals from James Skelly, highlights being ‘You Closed the Door’ (with some groovy bass), the quivery retro rocker ‘The Watcher in the Distance’, the eerie-sounding ‘View From the Mirror’, the folky ‘Gently’ (with Beatles-style harmonies and a fuzzy guitar solo), the gently swinging funereal ‘Willow Song’, and the title track which appears in two parts, the moodier part one (which wouldn't be out of place in some spaghetti western), and the perkier waltzing part two (with a lovely guitar solo).

With no obvious radio hits, it's an album to be listened to as a whole, and kind of reminds me of their ‘Nightfreaks and the Sons of Becker’ album. Lithe and beautiful.

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