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Earth Experiment - People (It’s Time to Change)

by Rich Morris Rating:4 Release Date:2014-10-30

Musically, Earth Experiment recall the jazzier end of 70s German rock, such as Xhol Caravan, Brainstorm, Frumpy, Gäa, and M.T. Wizzard, which is good, although they mix this with some unreconstructed blues-rock, which is less good because it makes them sound like Reef. Also like Reef, singer Sean O’Mahony sounds like he’s burping up frogs in an attempt to be ‘passionate’.

The likes of the title track and ‘Astral Holiday’ prove this is a very competent outfit, able to weave organ, sax and flute into some heavy jamming. ‘Sunset Song’ is a breezy acoustic number, by which I mean it sounds a bit like Lighthouse Family but without a zombie on vocals. ‘Live for Today’, meanwhile, is a jaunty 70s pop throwback, brazenly trite in both rhythm and message.

Basically, this isn’t something I would listen to, but it’s well played and put together. The vocals are pretty bad though, and the lyrics aren’t helping. 

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