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Various Artists - Psych For Sore Eyes 2

by Jim Harris Rating:9 Release Date:2014-10-21

After the landmark release of the Psych for Sore Eyes 1 EP comes Psych for Sore Eyes 2 and it's just as good if not even better. If your taste is for 21st century contemporary psych music, there is a little bit for everyone on this six-song collection. I was recently at a Dandy Warhols/Warlocks concert and LA-based Morgan Delt, who open the EP with ‘Elastic-ID’, capture that droning, dissonant, multi-guitar sound admirably.

Tame Impala and Lovetones fans will appreciate the Beatlesque psych of White Fence. While Damaged Bug follows White Fence with a more electronic tune, ‘Pet programs and Games’, it still works and provides the necessary echoey, vibrating vocals to qualify as psych.

One of my favorite tracks is ‘Come Around’ by Psychic Ills, who let go with a snarly, droning, bluesy number which sounds like BRMC when they were good and weren’t trying to sound like late 80s U2. The most intriguing song, meanwhile, is ‘Montelius Vag', a churning blast played by Hills, with a riff that could easily fit on a Goat album, if you were to add a lead-flute played by Ian Anderson circa 1967. (And isn’t it a great image to visualize a 19-year-old Anderson on stage with Goat? Okay, so maybe not for some…)

While this is a brief compilation, the songs are remarkably strong and fit together nicely as a collection from bands you may want to chase after. Psych for Sore Eyes 2, likes its predecessor, doesn’t disappoint in spreading the gospel of modern psych music. Peace and love be with you. Loudly.

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Funny you should say that about Hills. Their track here and on the Rocket Recordings comp both sound like Goat. Both from Sweden, could they be the same band?

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Hmmm. They sound a little too much like Goat maybe...

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