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Kele Okereke - Trick

by Nse Ette Rating:7 Release Date:2014-10-13

Kele Okereke's sophomore solo album, Trick, is a dance album far removed from Bloc Party's last collection of abrasive rock, Four. Unlike his debut, The Boxer, this is a more spartan and intimate affair. Deep booming bass, fleeting spidery guitars, and stark soundscapes, allow his voice to be pushed to the fore.

The trippy 'First Impressions' opens the album with Kele singing in a barely discernible lower register with sprinklings of lovely jazzy piano. It has a chilled late-night feel to it, and also features Yasmin Shahmir trading a few verses with him. 'Coasting' sets dark moody bass to clipped, skittery beats, dramatic synth-strings and a feathery falsetto from Kele. 'Doubt' is even more harrowing, while the enchanting 'Closer' finds him declaring "In your absence, I unravel", the clubby chorus sharply contrasting with the skeletal accompaniment of the verses. It features Jodie Scantlebury singing the chorus and some twinkling guitar work from Kele.

The downtempo 'Year Zero' finds a yearning Kele stating, "Usually love lets me down/ No one like you sticks around" in a soft croon, while the haunting 'My Hotel Room' sets ghostly harmonies against cold synths and finds him taking us through his vocal range. Closing is the sensual ballad 'Stay the Night'.

Kele has gone on record as saying this isn't an album of club music but a record for lovers. He sounds freer than he did on his debut, or even on Bloc Party's albums. For someone who was established earlier as an indie-rocker, he's taken to dance music like a duck to water. Very very good.

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