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Dan'l Boone - Dan'l Boone

by Jeff Penczak Rating: Release Date:2014-09-22

Neil Hagerty (Royal Trux), Nate Young (Wolf Eyes) and friends unleash a mysterious collection of glitchy bleeps and blunders that belch their way into your brain like a power-drill through jello, only this is twice as headache-inducing.

‘Pasadena Rings’ sees them trying their hand at scratching (remember Herbie Hancock’s ‘Rockit’?) but, having failed to come up with anything worth listening decide to just record the ambient temperature of the room. The resulting noises of fart bubbles, weeping saws, oriental-sounding string pluckings, assorted gee-let’s-see-what-this-does electronics and disembodied, distorted voices is an endurance test akin to having bamboo shoots driven under your fingernails.

The title of ‘Thee Testimonye of an Maiden’ alone illustrates the cavalier attitude at work here: grammar and spelling aren’t gonna stand in the way of the noise we feel like making and if you dig it, fine; if not, fuck you. The remaining four tracks are variations on unlistenable, room-clearing pyrotechnics which make Lou Reed’s Metal Machine Music sound like a Beethoven symphony.

This is a nasty, unpleasant, mean-spirited collection of noise that should be avoided at all costs. And if the band care as much about reviews as they do about the listeners of the sounds on this record, then I’m sure they’re fine with that assessment. With all the worthy unsigned artists clamouring for record deals these days and forced to self-finance their creations, Drag City should be ashamed of themselves for releasing this pretentious nonsense.

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