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Nisennenmondai - N

by Alexander Segall Rating:1 Release Date:2014-09-16

Is it too old-fashioned to want a song? Even the huge, monolithic post-rock bands, and their forebears, the noodling prog-rockers, had songs. Those songs might have lasted a long time, but things happened - they went somewhere. Even Kraftwerk, at their most motorik, wrote songs - they may have minimalistically pulsed and brooded, but there was rise and fall, there was a dynamic shift.

Nisennenmondai start with a pulse, some choppy guitars and then throb their way through three songs over 40 frankly boring minutes. There's no resolution, no respite, nothing other than a few swooshes of slide-guitar. Even German minimal techno, the most basic and stripped-back of four-to-the-floor dance music, will rise inexorably to a climax. This is an exercise in taking an idea, and not running with it. It's almost as if in practice, the trio decided to see just how long they could stretch this not-quite-groove.

There's no emotional hook, not even a cheap soaring-up-the fret-board to fire the Pavlovian responses of any kind of rock fan. The high point? The introduction of what sounds like a bass guitar at the start of B-1 - it made me notice that this album was still playing. Boring, repetitive and easy to tune-out; not worth listening to in the slightest.

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