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Tricky - Adrian Thaws

by Nse Ette Rating:8 Release Date:2014-09-09

Tricky was one of trip-hop's pioneers, along with acts like Lamb, Massive Attack, and Portishead. Over 20 years later, he's still widening his musical palette and experimenting. Adrian Thaws (his birth name, as well as title of his 10th and latest album) is his club/hip-hop record, as he puts it.

Songs like the slinky 'Lonnie Listen' (featuring Mikki Blanco and Francesa Belmonte), 'Gangster Chronicles', and the frenetic, rock-laced 'Why Don't You' (both featuring Bella Gotti) flirt with hip-hop. 'Nicotene Love' (featuring Francesca Belmonte), with shimmery synths and stomping beats, and the downbeat, synth-driven 'Right Here' (featuring Oh Land) flirt with club.

Elsewhere, we get more of his atmospheric, bass-heavy sound matched with his languid rap delivery: the moody 'Sun Down' (featuring Tirzah and sprinklings of guitar); the ethereal 'Something in the Way' (featuring Francesca Belmonte and gentle beats that sound like heartbeats); the country/blues twang of 'Keep Me in Your Shake' (featuring Nigerian/German singer Nneka, who also appeared on his last album); the Jazzy 'I Had a Dream' (featuring Francesca Belmonte); 'My Palestine Girl' (with air-raid siren effects, tribal beats, the lyrics "She's trapped in Babylon/ I tell her it won't be long", and a guttural-sounding Blue Daisy), and a cover of the lovers rock classic 'Silly Games' (featuring a breathy Tirzah and some delicate guitar work), previously a hit for Janet Kay and Lindy Layton.

All these years later, and following so soon after last year's critically acclaimed False Idols, it's good to see Tricky is still quite the maverick.

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