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Jennifer Castle - Pink City

by Jeff Penczak Rating:8 Release Date:2014-09-01

Toronto singer-songwriter Castle’s fourth album is an intimate collection of reflective folk tunes, embellished with simple string flourishes, piano tinklings, and Castle’s gentle acoustic guitar. It’s like a bunch of friends got together to air their thoughts on relationships, current affairs et al, and someone turned on the recorder. The sparse arrangements occasionally just find Castle alone with piano and guitar, ruminating on the effects of ‘Working for the Man’, while others pull the whole band together for a shuffling, toe-tapping, countrified pop tune with a tasty steel-guitar interlude and flute solo (the marvelous ‘Sparta’, which should’ve been the lead single, although the upbeat Dolly Partonish ‘Sailing Away’ is still a fine choice).

From piano-driven torch songs (‘Nature’) to down-home, whispered navel-gazers (‘Down River’, which features a wonderful little harmonica solo from legendary cult folkie Kath Bloom), Castle’s voice tickles our ears with soft little nibbles that we’ll remember long after the CD rejoins its jewel case.

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