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Jenny Lewis - The Voyager

by D R Pautsch Rating:8 Release Date:2014-07-29

With a back-catalogue as strong as Jenny Lewis', expectations are high of this return. Six years since Acid Tongue and various outings, this seems like a return to Rilo Kiley in terms of form and style. Not that her solo offerings have been weak, but this feels like a slice of the past.

'She's Not Me' is eerily reminiscent to 'Does He Love You' from More Adventurous. This could give you the impression that lyrically Lewis' songs are a bit tired, it they aren't. On 'Love U Forever', "Lewis sings 'I could love you til the Polaroids fade", and you feel she means it. Lewis has always pulled off the damaged and maligned woman well and she does it here to great effect. The twang in her voice is in good form.

It's perhaps the familiarity of some of the songs which means it doesn't feel new. Rather, it feels like a greatest hits that was never released. No bad thing when you are as good as Lewis. This is a great album which reminds you of how Lewis was riding so high at one point. She deserves that acclaim again 

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