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The Muffs - Whoop Dee Doo

by Greg Spencer Rating:8 Release Date:2014-07-29

If you don’t enjoy albums filled to the brim with two or three-minute, ultra-simplistic numbers in the same ballpark as Pixies then Whoop Dee Doo probably isn’t your thing. However, if you like your guitars crunchy and your lyrics tongue-in-cheek yet completely sincere then step right up, because that is exactly what The Muffs deliver on their newest record.

Album number six and The Muffs have grown in style and developed their somewhat obvious sound, yet they have a real likeability because of how loyal they have stayed to their old approach. When you go back through their discography and hear a song like ‘Oh Nina’ from 1995’s Blonder and Blonder, it’s easy to grasp the band’s ferocious yet constantly melodic side. Singer Kim Shattuck belts out the screams and the band sound positively wild. On this record there isn’t perhaps as much bite as the band had back in the mid-90s, but their captivatingly melodic pull is as strong as ever.

Take a song like ‘Paint By Numbers’; it lies somewhere between the sound of The Distillers and Hole. Shattuck’s screams might not have the dishevelled tenacity of Courtney Love or Brody Dalle, but she has more likeability because of how down to earth and positively simplistic her vocal style is. This band might be polarizing in terms of mainstream listenership anyway, but this is just the sort of record I’d crack on in the car on a long summer drive. It just has a great vibe, although there may be some who end up finding the band slightly irritating.

There are times when the novelty does wear off a little; a song like ‘Where Did I Go Wrong’ is somewhat monotonous but that just comes with the territory - unfortunately not every song can grab you. With some neat uses of the harmonica on ‘Cheezy’, and the tempo slowed down on ‘Forever’, the band do mix things up on this album. This is great for variety and reiterates the feeling that this band have grown up and matured. This record may be their best yet. 

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