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Circulatory System - Mosaics Within Mosaics

by D R Pautsch Rating:8 Release Date:2014-07-07

The third album from Circulatory System comes as a bit of a surprise. Not because of the sound, rather because it comes five years after the excellent Signal Morning. Three albums in 13 years is not the most prolific of output but this third effort contains as much off-the-wall psych as the two previous efforts. 

It seems a warmer and kinder affair. Founder Will Cullen Hart has the usual collaborators from Elephant Six alongside him here, and it feels like an extension of previous efforts as well as the much missed Olivia Tremor Control.

There are instrumentals and the sounds of horns, acquired noises, drums and fuzz. 'Neon Light' sounds like past glories rehashed and slowed down. 'Over Dinner the Cardinal Spoke' is a a rare story-mode song which works its magic through overlaid vocals and simple arrangements. 

'Puffs of Cotton' is completely bonkers and ends with a spoken word section which declares that "This is the age of mud". The title track sounds tired and yet inventive. It could be the bastard son of the Smile sessions.

Of course, it doesn't all work; it's too long, it has too many instrumentals and it sounds like it's made by someone who is playing with sounds for the sake of it.  Many would consider this a weakness. But as ever, Circulatory System turn it into a strength and deliver a fantastic array of music which grabs you in different ways each time you listen.  

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