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Astralia - Atlas

by Brian Lange. Rating:9 Release Date:2014-07-21

From the sound Astralia produces in sophomore effort Atlas, one would never guess they are from La Floresta in Barcelona, Spain. Like Sigur Rós, you would expect them to be from an unworldly location found only in the heavens.

Roger Guzmán on guitars, Jordi Guzmán on drums and Albert Clemente on the bass make up this trio. The sound is very similar to that of God is an Astronaut or Explosions in the Sky; lyric-less post-rock, dream-like goodness. Surely these bands were an influence or inspiration in some way. 

Like EITS, this band use an organic approach to making music. They find simplicity in just a few notes, which when layered create beautiful ambient atmospheres. 

Something else worth appreciating, which I think shows the true spirit of an artist, is their attention to the physical packaging. Most of the world today is satisfied with the download and iPod dumping ritual. Assuming you’re going to give the artists a little bit of cash (with the name-your-price option) you might as well pay the amount for the physical CD, which comes in a beautiful pack with liner notes, artwork, and a poster. 

The record is exceptionally mature-sounding. It works well as a concept album. No tracks really stand out among the others, and you can easily get lost in the record while listening from start to finish. 

Though this is not their debut, the album preceding it consisted mostly of early self-produced work, whereas this record seems to be more of a development towards making their mark in the ambient/post-rock genre. 

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