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Papertwin - Vox Humana ep

by Jim Harris Rating:9 Release Date:2014-06-24

Richly-textured, moody dream-pop comes to us via Papertwin’s new EP, Vox Humana, and it’s well worth the download. With the rich electronic canvases of such songs as ‘Arco’ and ‘Alkaline’, this Brooklyn trio pay great homage to their New Order, Cure, and Depeche Mode influences. While their sound is definitely rooted in that 80s electronic sound, Papertwin also create softer, more refined progressions which sound a bit like Ladytron at their finest.

With well over 20 minutes of masterful, artsy, multi-layered electronica accented by strong, sulky vocals, Vox Humana is an electro-pop mini-masterpiece. This six-track EP, because of the lush, quietly dense musical textures, seems more filling than your typical extended-play. It is nicely baroque in places, such as ‘Headlights’, ‘Sonar’, and evokes just the right amount of ethereal  musical touches to leave you wanting more.

It will be a fine occasion, if they continue to progress, to finally get a Papertwin long-player.

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