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Half Handed Cloud - Flying Scroll Flight Control

by Jim Harris Rating:1.5 Release Date:2014-07-14

If Christ were a cute little bunny with a reed and a guitar-pick glued to its ass, you may like this new release from Half-Handed Cloud. This is clever, well-played, coy Christian rock which after about five songs really got on my nerves. It’s not so much the bells and whistles and abrupt bursts of noise throughout, it is the unrelentingly annoying preaching of the lyrics.

I have nothing against Christian rock, and very little for it. I don’t have any problem with Sufjan Stevens when he has a song or two proclaiming the glories of God, etc, and we know Half-Handed Cloud cut an EP with Stevens and Stevens picked them up on his label, Asthmatic Kitty Records, but every single song is a sermon. There are no serial killer references or rappers like Sufjan Stevens had on Sisyphus released earlier this year.

Half-Handed Cloud is an annoying exercise in repetitious, boring song-structures which all, in some manner, proclaims the glory of God. I like a little hell in my rock 'n' roll, thank you. And yes, it was hell struggling through this album. Worst album this year for me. 

Flying Scroll Flight Control is the album that will be playing in the elevator down to the Devil’s Kitchen when some of us pass on. It will be the only CD not on fire in Satan’s Man Cave.

When you run across such an album, so based in religion, and then misdirects listeners with obnoxious jingles and snide cutesy vocals which tell you to watch out for God with your bad deeds, and this happens on EVERY SINGLE FUCKING SONG!!! Then said album should be smashed on the sidewalk of the nearest Church and spat upon.

I can only envision this band playing in a tent at some evangelical rally in Alabama somewhere. Go away, Half-Handed Cloud. Peace be with you.

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