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Protection [VINYL] - The 10" Inch EP

by Brian Lange. Rating:7 Release Date:2014-07-23

Daniel McKernan and Sam Houston make up the experimental synth-pop duo ProtectionBased out of New York with roots in New Orleans, The 10” Inch EP rides the dark wave of synth and glam.

Right away, you get the sense you’re visiting a deranged warlock, cooped up in his dungeon of delights. The record starts out in an enchanting, fantasy-like realm, with references to obscure noise bands such as Arcane or Asmorod. Continue your journey and you’ll get hints of Joy Division or Depeche Mode. It has simply mutated into a much darker, weirder, experimental sound. 

It’s not all experimental and ambient. 'I Worry If You’re Warm' presents listeners with something with a more up-tempo. The ‘dark-wave pop track’ of the record, if you will. By the final track, you’ll be brought down from your cloud with a very mellow descent back to reality. 

They immerse themselves in the experimental underground.  Listeners should be able to discern influence from Coil. This is not a coincidence, as they dedicate the recordings to Peter Christopherson’s memory, “whose endless inspiration certainly seeded these recordings”.  McKernan actually once performed with Coil during one of their US dates and used to visit with them in England. 

All around artists, and it shows.

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