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Waking Aida - Eschaton

by D R Pautsch Rating:7 Release Date:2014-06-17

For some, post-rock might seem a bit pointless. All those riffs, epic guitar moments, and rock tunes bereft of lyrics. It seems like the ultimate tease with no payoff. For others, it's the ultimate music, pure and uncomplicated by the usual poor attempts at love declarations and forced rhymes. This Marmite type of music tends to split opinions, but there is no doubt that Waking Aida is post-rock in its truest sense. What is in doubt is its appeal.

With weird names, mainstream plucking, drums, and long songs, this debut album is accomplished in its music and has moments of greatness. Like most post-rock, it seems to work better on headphones as it surrounds you and draws you in.

'Incandenza' is a long, drawn-out affair with multiple phases. It is a great number which climaxes with a spoken-word piece from American poet Sarah Kay. 'Glow Coin' starts as quiet, plucked number before its five minutes blossom into a crashing noise. These are just two examples of what's on offer. There is inventiveness here but is it enough to draw in the casual listener? 

Debatable. However, Waking Aida have a strong debut here and its made of stuff that you can admire and enjoy.


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