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Eaux - Plastics [VINYL]

by Brian Lange. Rating:9 Release Date:2014-06-16

With beautiful sounds to dull your senses and lull your soul, Eaux might just be your new favourite band. There’s nothing inherently bad with simple and repetitive beats, it’s the the execution that counts. This is the soundtrack to your wee-hours summer night driving in the city, when you drown out everything that exists and relish the moment of your life that's happening right there.

Perhaps you are envisioning yourself on Mars’ first colony, with Blade Runner-esque skyscrapers dawning the dystopian landscape. A little bit of Cocteau Twins and Everything But the Girl with a slap of the Drive soundtrack, and you get this haven of atmospheric and spectral electronic synths.

Much of Plastics has evolved from live jams, the trio cooping up in a private studio space (probably an old missile silo or cistern holding magical waters), where ideas form and bounce off each other. From listening to the album, you’d imagine they have been playing together for years. 

In addition to the sophisticated sound they’ve produced, Ahern’s angelic voice adds a whole new dimension to the music. In a world full of easily producible and accessible music which clutters the landscape with mostly disposable garbage, it is nice to hear good music of this caliber and substance. One can only hope they achieve whatever level of mainstream success that they dream of. Eaux has an amazing future ahead of them, rightly earning their place on Mars One.

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