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Glass Animals - Zaba

by Alexander Segall Rating:7 Release Date:2014-06-10

Oxford’s Glass Animals take a sideways look at post-Prince funk, mixing up the particularly English take on psychedelia and filtering it through an 80s palette of ‘world’ sounds (bongos, cicadas, breathy vocals). The overriding impression is of Vampire Weekend slowed down, or a Wild Beasts with over-worked crotches.  


‘Walla Walla’ builds to what can only be described as a near-orgasmic crescendo, while ‘Black Mambo’ is about as suggestive as the title intimates; I won’t even go into ‘Gooey’. Nothing really gets the heart pumping or the feet moving faster than a shuffle, but perhaps that’s the point - this is music to put on once you’ve gone horizontal, as it were.  


‘Hazey’ and ‘Toes’ go even slower, with vague sentiments about "helping you" which, considering the "science" earlier in the album, either shows off the difficulty of understanding medicine, or is more about creating some regrets by breakfast. ‘Wyrd’ is not actually that weird, but the beat is a pounding rumbling jungle-drum, leading into ‘Cocoa Hooves’, probabaly the wyrdest title here, which descends into breathy nothingness by the end, the climax is set up ever so nicely for ‘JDNT’, a lightly glitchy, twitchy ditty to end the album. 

If you want aural sex, go for ZABA.

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