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I Am a Man With a St Tropez Tan - Get Up Get Up

by Alexander Segall Rating:4 Release Date:2014-06-23

Rick Senley’s I Am A Man With A St Tropez Tan release a third album, and it’s an unfocused mess of a record. Whilst never advocating complete uniformity of sound, there’s nothing coherent here; Get Up Get Up gets up, then gets going, and never finds out where it’s trying to go.


Ambient washes of sound, random beats, samples and flurries of synths can a good record make, if there’s some kind of unifying theme or even a sense that the person behind it knows what they are doing - all you get here is a bunch of ideas crammed into nine unmemorable and underwhelming tracks.


The only piece that gets close to being worth paying for would be ‘Back In The Park Again’, whose ten minutes, whilst too long, don’t feel as rushed as the others, and thus isn’t messy. Its ambient washes of sound and the best sample (of the London Underground announcer at St James’s Park) build and stretch out, providing halfway decent background music.  

I should be grateful for small mercies - this is only 33 minutes long.

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