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Alice Boman - EP II

by Jim Harris Rating:6.5 Release Date:2014-06-17

So I fancy myself quite the photographer and like to dabble in new carry-around cameras, and the new ones have this setting where you can choose one color, like say a red flower, and black and white everything else. I’ve not quite figured out why I would do this but Alice Boman’s new EP, EP II, reminded me of this. The color in this EP is Ms Boman’s voice and the lo-fi, low-key, simple music to accompany this interesting voice provides the black and white.

EP II is a lovely collection of songs which showcase the potential in this Swedish singer-songwriter but, unfortunately, the songs all have a brevity and lack of polish which leaves you with a feeling that virtually every one of them is unfinished. It’s as if the record company is so excited about this fresh new voice, they needed to release a couple teaser EPs to expose Alice Boman to the world.

However, with a couple of almost finished songs like ‘Over’ and ‘All Eyes on You’, this is a worthwhile short-player. Alice’s voice is fragile and airy but also has a nice little tremble in it to separate her from most of these lo-fi crooners. And the song structures have that space and deliberateness which reminds you of Mazzy Star and Kate Bush, if she were tired and saddled with just a piano, instead of her assortment of electronics.

Clearly, Alice Boman, if she were to find the right producer and some bandmates to provide her some kickback on the spacing she puts in her lo-fi, has a bright future. She just needs to hold on to the songs a bit longer, let them fester and build, and tie all the pieces together on her beautiful canvas in a more evocative and musically deeper way. It will be well worth the wait, I would think, for her first long player.

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