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Uma - Uma

by Brian Lange. Rating:7 Release Date:2014-06-09

UMA's self-titled debut album is provocative, visceral, and cerebral. Dark, underworldly chants and notes will resonate throughout you and your abode. Listen while sitting in your comfortable evening chair, in the dark, perhaps with a pint of Berliner (the electronic duo, Ella and Florian (Flo) Zwietnig are based out of Berlin).

The duo are a husband and wife team, so how apropos that they make these merry melodies together. A bit goth, a bit electonic, and sometimes a bit poppy, this debut album will leave you in a deep state of catatonia, with nothing else in the world penetrating the haunting, deep sounds and beautiful yet somehow unsettling female vocals.

Though they haven't quite invented a new sound or genre, but it is still hard to pin-point exactly how to classify this music. Then again, music should never have to be classified or categorized or compared to any other musicians or genre. UMA does a fantastic job of finding a signature sound quickly. The chemistry Ella and Flo found when first meeting at a bar and subsequent marriage is evident with this debut album. I think of the great pairing of the husband and wife team, ADULT. UMA is like ADULT., without the electroclash and a few more strands of darkness. 

For a debut, UMA is a fantastic start. There's room to mature, room to grow, room to further develop their signature sound. From the mouths of babes, their aim is to "..sonically and lyrically capture the most elusive everyday moments." Brilliant first effort.

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Uma - Uma - Albums - Reviews - Soundblab
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