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Kaninchen - Loss

by Brian Lange. Rating:6 Release Date:2014-05-27

A lovely little EP from Kaninchen, a folky/experimental/ambient/spoken-word sort of duo from the UK. This is heavily reminicent of bands like Do Make Say Think and maybe a little bit of Explosions in the Sky and Tortoise. 

We get oddly soothing sounds with an overdub of mostly indistinguishable talking which seems to be in the style of prose without much discourse to the typical structure song structure. This can be off-putting to some, but for this style of music, it just might work. Trying to imagine the beautuful sounds without words seems like a better choice, but then Kaninchen wouldn't have as much of a signature to their sound. Mostly, there are string-plucked instruments, kept minimal, sometimes on a seemingly neverending loop. 

So far, it looks like they are self-producing and releasing on Bandcamp with a 'name your own' price. All their work seems to be in tiny spurts. Maybe they're still trying to find their voice, or find their audience, or find enough influence from the conceptual and cerebral stratosphere in order to assemble a full-length LP. 

These things can take time. But I definitely do see talent, and fans of ambient/post-rock will likely appreciate what they are striving for.

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