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Yvette - Process

by Jim Harris Rating:9 Release Date:2014-05-14

Volume, velocity, variety. Those are the core principles of Big Data. It might as well be the core principles of noise bands and Yvette, yet another Brooklyn-based noise band, crank it out on their new album, Process

From the opening thudding drums of ‘Pure Pleasure’, which lead into a sound like a dissonant collision of scraping gigantic machines, you know you are in for a beautiful noisy experience. No, you won’t hear of this band meeting with their little friends and tinkling out post-punk tunes on their downtime in Istanbul. Yvette sound like they stole a vehicle, drove on deep into Eastern Europe, found an abandoned, contaminated industrial complex, turned the power on and are digging themselves in with turnapulls and explosives. 

If there is one thing that delineates noise bands you can listen to and noise bands you can’t, it's the occasional stretch for melody and rhythm. There is more than an occasional stretch on Process for such things as a beat. This album starts off like filler and gradually builds into a melodic noise experience which is just as satisfying and ingenious as two of my favorite noise bands, A Place to Bury Strangers and Odonis Odonis. The one thing I enjoy more with Yvette is the use of pounding, explosive percussion instead of the more typical drum machines. Starting with the third track ‘Mirrored Walls’, on through ‘Attrition’, several tracks set a throbbing discordant foundation with percussion, the abrasive industrial heavy duty noises hopping on for the sonic ride. 

Another difference is that the counter-point to the all this beautiful volume and velocity is the rather mundane vocals. While most noise bands try to match the ominous beats and cantilevered sounds with equally ominous and spooky refrains, Yvette sound more like Friars on Hash at times - almost airy. And it works perfectly to offset the dissonance and collisions. 

Process should take this band right out of Brooklyn like they were a circus clown with a hundred or so body-piercings dropped into a cannon and shot point blank through the front glass windows of a hardware store. For those about to noise-rock, salute Yvette.

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