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Thee Oh Sees - Drop

by D R Pautsch Rating:8 Release Date:2014-05-05

Being prolific used to be a good thing in the music industry. Back in the 60s bands like The Beatles would put out more than an album a year and no-one would think about questioning the work ethic. As time went on, having long breaks between albums seemed to almost mean that what was coming would be a sure fire bet for quality. 

This wasn't always the case. For every Kate Bush sabbatical there would be a Stereo MCs. Touring, of course, especially in the new global arena, means being prolific is more difficult these days. With constant touring, the prolific output just isn't possible it seemed. That was until Thee Oh Sees came along. 

Since 2008, Thee Oh Sees have released eight albums, including this one. Last year they professed that it was over and they were going on hiatus. That didn't last very long and this taut, after-party-vibes album is released before yet another tour. You might expect it to be a poor effort, it isn't. Thee Oh Sees are as good as ever.

This is a much more poppy affair than the previous Floating Coffin. On opening track 'Penetrating Eye', John Dwyer uses his 'la's liberally above scrambled guitars and fuzz. It's celebratory rock music which sounds like a jam gone right.

'Drop' is a great number which sounds like a throwback to the 60s. 'The Lens' closes in melancholic mode and will be a lighter moment for fans. The whole album has the feel of the party being over and people coming down with this on the stereo. The record revels in the experience as much as being itself a great moment.

Thee Oh Sees might have just released their crossover album. It's got the pop hooks that could make this the one which gets them the attention. Their adoring fans might not like that. The rest of us should indulge in this and a back-catalogue which is quite wonderful. 

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