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The Black Keys - Turn Blue

by Nse Ette Rating:9 Release Date:2014-05-12

On their Danger Mouse-assisted eighth album, Turn Blue, The Black Keys set out to make an ambitious work. Opening track, the woozy seven-minute epic 'Weight of Love' has not one but three guitar solos. 'In Time' has falsetto vocals with interesting drum patterns and lovely trilling guitars.

The title track is blues-tinged. Lead-off single 'Fever' sets stomping dance-beats to a rippling synth riff. So far, so different.

'Year in Review' finds Dan Auberch singing "Why you always wanna love the ones who hurt you?" (perhaps alluding to his recent divorce) against a bouncy beat and spooky harmonies. 'Bullet in the Brain' is a psychedelic ballad. The rocking blues of iIt's Up to You Now' juxtaposes fuzzy guitars and thundering beats.

'Waiting on Words' is a ballad sung in a child-like falsetto. The catchy '10 Lovers' is a groovy number with a trilling riff. The tempo-shifting 'In Our Prime' is a ballad which couldn't be more beautiful if it tried.

Closing number 'Gotta Get Away' is bouncy country-rock which will have you singing "I went from San Berdoo/ to Kalamazoo/ just to get away from you" along with them. Stylishly diverse, The Black Keys have yet another winner here, despite their best efforts not to.

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