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Young Magic - Breathing Statues

by Jim Harris Rating:4.5 Release Date:2014-05-05

Breathing Statues is the second release from this duo of Isaac Emmanuel and Melati Malay, who, along with a third band-mate, brought the music world Melt. I rather liked the sparks and flashes of all kinds of instruments colliding together on that first release, but this one comes across as moody electro-pop which means it should only be played from plastic-steel speakers stuck in the walls of specialty clothing stores for vacuous rich kids who at any moment, if threatened with a revocation of their credit card, would stab their parents repeatedly with an expensive knife.

Yes, this duo claims to travel to exotic places such as Morocco, France, and New Zealand to record these simpleton mood-pieces before and after performing. (They should have made better use of their downtime). The clang and clutter of pseudo-world music from Melt has been replaced by very deliberate, soft jazzy, lifeless synth-pop elevator music on Breathing Statues

I’ve struggled through these tracks numerous times, listening for any signs of something worthy of commenting positively about, but frankly, Melati’s voice, which falls somewhere between Ruth Radelet and lukewarm Sade, and the gelatinous jerks and fits of watered-down, new-age electro-rubbish which provides the undercurrent to her singing... Well, I’ve concluded that if I am not on a hard carpet, legs crossed, and doing yoga breathing lessons with the criminally insane, I am never listening to this type of music again.

There is a clever use of personification in the title Breathing Statues, but cleverness is never a substitute for talent and regardless of all the clever uses of wispy, muted chillwave here, the results are tepid reproductions of stuff that has been done better by others. If you cherish this sort of ambient electro-pop then try Chromatics or, better yet, get a tattoo on the same night you buy your first Ladytron CD. Celebrate! There is real music out there!

Let’s face it, there are too many of these so-called bands forming which are made up of a fluff chick and some nerdy dude with software, a vox keyboard equivalent, and a computer, who think they can write artsy-fartsy songs that might play well some afternoon in a New York bistro, but really aren’t worth putting on your player. This is one of them.

Get a bass-player, dude. Add a drummer. They’ll let you know at least when a song sucks. 

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