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Masters - Acid Witch Mountain

by D R Pautsch Rating:6 Release Date:2014-04-28

Music leads to memories. Some songs and albums when you hear them again will remind you of the times when you first immersed yourself in them. This deep-seated memory of music is what makes us come back to it and what enhances the experience of listening.  

Soundtracks are an amplification and yet a small part of this. A good soundtrack will enhance the film you are watching while not diverting you from the viewing experience. It will lodge in the mind and remind you of the film it was there to support.

Think of your favourite soundtrack and it does that. Masters debut offering, Acid Witch Mountain, seeks to create a motion picture soundtrack without a motion picture. It is like looking for a painting without a canvas. While listening to Acid Witch Mountain, you try and create the film in your mind and picture the scenes the music would support.

The feeling you get from opening track The Awakening is that this album would support a slightly surreal horror film. It sounds like Elephant Six in its phases, trying to weird you out. 

Each track here has its changes in tempo and pauses, and leaves you thinking of a long scene were it could fit. Take the frenetic breakdown of 'New Mountains Rising', which sounds like a cod-60s spy theme in chase mode. It doesn't quite fit with what came before. but fits the brief of that scenario. There are some electronics on numbers like 'Swamps of Eternity' but largely we get traditional instruments delivered in a wierd and surreal way.

It leaves you wanting to see the film but slightly scared of what it might be. That might be a flaw, however. Masters want you to create your own memories and scenarios, and while this is no bad thing it means the album doesn't quite connect as it should if it were supporting another artefact. That said, Acid Witch Mountain is a bold and intriguing piece of work.

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