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Pure X - Angel

by Greg Spencer Rating:9 Release Date:2014-05-05

Everything about Pure X's third full-length feels subtle and slight. There's a simple, laid-back tone which elevates this band's sound to a cosmic ambience that sets them apart from much of what is on offer on the indie-rock circuit currently.

Just listen to 'Livin the Dream'; the song glides and drifts through countless sonic dimensions but there's never a feeling of boredom or lethargy because the band manage to keep our attention with their subtle instrumentation and chilled spirit, which stays in tow for the majority of this record. The song itself feels like it could be an unknown 70s hippie b-side which got lost in the ether, yet something about Pure X gives off the sense of a modernistic band who have their wits about them.

A real favourite from this record is 'Fly Away With Me Woman', a beautifully crafted number which effortlessly smoulders and simmers, helped along with gorgeously simple and slow vocals that fit like a glove. There aren't any notably weak tracks on this album. Each song offers something slightly different, yet there is a genuine cohesive feeling.

The slowness and laid-back style of Pure X may put some off because there is a sense some tracks simply amble along. You could say the thing doesn't move as quick as you'd like but you have to accept that's what this band does. Personally the worst thing about the record is the album art. It seems to be the least inspiring and creative thing about the release, so there really aren't too many negatives of any note here.

If you love albums which breed atmosphere, and give off heartfelt and emotive feeling then this is a record for you. Pure X have pulled this off fantastically well - Angel is their best record yet.

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