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Semi Femme - Cotillion ep

by Brian Lange. Rating:6 Release Date:2014-05-19

There's such a familiarity with the Brooklyn-based indie sound. Thoughts of Interpol are conjured up through a listen to this three-track sampler (you can download it from Bandcamp and name your own price to download), but more importantly it seems as though this bass-heavy group has influences from bands of days gone by like Bauhaus, The Doors, and Joy Division. 

The sound, like that emanating from an empty cistern, comes from just two bass guitars, drums, and vocals, and gives this EP a certain uniqueness, although it could be best compared to goth rock. Though this release is short, the sounds clocking in around 2:30, it is consistent. No track stands out too much among the others, which shows promise for a well-rounded record, but perhaps it is too static, too monotonous, too short without much fluctuation or progression.

Still, this is a refreshing alternative to the Garageband grime that comes from keyboard toting, Brooklyn-based wannabes, which seems to be 90 per cent of the sound coming from that part of the world. One could easily be convinced this band is from a different time and place, a dreary world much more akin to this kind of sound. It's not wrist-cutting music, but you won't exactly be jubilant, either.

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