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Sculpture - Membrane Pop [VINYL]

by Brian Lange. Rating:8 Release Date:2014-05-12

Dan Hayhurst and Reuben Sutherland are the engineers behind the Sculpture sound. You'd be convinced you were hearing some sort of Autechre/Aphex Twin lovechild from listening to this.  Fans of the more recent Autechre sound (Oversteps/Quaristice/Exal) will be espectially fond of this record. 

There are lots of blips and wooshes and bing-a-bloops passed through filters and squirting at you without reservation. More attention is paid to treble than bass. It is not the type of music you would hear (or want to hear) at a club. It's not even rave music. 

Fans of the electonic genre must surely appreciate and respect Richard D James for what he has brought to UK electro music. These guys seem to really stay true to his sound, the genre, and the digital version gives us 11 tracks of the sounds we all love. If you've got a keen ear, you may be able to pick up some specific instruments through the 'not garageband' production. Reel-to-reel tape recorder, computer, sampler, effectron and walkman, and the video zoetrope record deck. It's an electronic record, but it stays pure and analog. It's not off the beaten path, say, how Nine Inch Nails went from raw, organic, analog sounds to crisp, sterile, digital crap. 

Take VHS and Blu-Ray. Sure, BD goes all out on bringing the cleanest, crispest, most perfectly flawless image you can find, but VHS harkens back to something pure. Something real. You feel something is there on the magnetic tape, the layers, the imprefections.

By no means does this suggest Sculpture is sloppy in their execution or lazy with their sound. They pay attention to detail. Nothing is arbitrary. Sculpture is VHS.

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