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Samaris - Silkidrangar

by Brian Lange. Rating:8 Release Date:2014-05-05

Icelandic beauties Samaris consist of members whose names you can’t pronounce, names which seem like titles for a medieval warlocks' enchanting spells. The trio consists of Áslaug Rún Magnúsdóttir, Þórður Kári Steinþórsson, and Jófríður Ákadóttir. Silkidrangar is their first studio album, and it gallops gallantly over the lush emotional landscapes. 

It’s hard not to compare this sort of work to Björk or Sigur Ros, seeing as Iceland should have categories all it’s own for everything in existence. There is a bit of a dubsteppy, jazzy groove-trip-hop feel to this record. Think Everything But the Girl with a little more “It’s dark all the time here” and less “I’m in a nightclub in 1994” thrown into it. Bjork certainly seems to have some sort of, at least transcendental, influence to this trio. It's true, all females in Iceland sound the same. 

It's the type of record you will want to put on to relax, but in a state of deep thought or comtemplation. It's easy to listen to this while focusing on the music; if you put this on as background music you will find yourself stopping what you are doing to listen to each track. It also seems to be the perfect sort of thing to put on in your car on a quiet country road at night. 

If this is the type of music this band stick with, then I think we can expect very good things. It will likely never hit the ears of the mainstream, but these days nothing of substance seems to anyway. They have the potential to be as grandiose as Sigur Ros. 

Just keep doing what you're doing, Samaris. You've got the perfect formula fans of the 'dark Iceland' genre will love, and will continue to be loyal to. By all means, experiment, discover, expand your horizons, but remember how pure and real this original sound is. I hope you continue to make this beautiful music. 

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